Bylaw Division

The Estevan Police Service employs  bylaw officers who are sworn in as Special Constables.  Bylaw officers are responsible for enforcing the bylaws in the city of Estevan.

A bylaw is defined as a regulation made by a local authority; an ordinance.

Below is a summary of the common violations of the bylaws of Estevan.  This does not include every violation and every bylaw.

Traffic Bylaw
• Parking a vehicle in the downtown core for over two hours is prohibited.
• Parking a vehicle on any City of Estevan street for over twenty four hours is prohibited.
• Parking a vehicle with an outdated registration on a City street is prohibited. The vehicle can be towed off the street at the owners expense.
• An immobile vehicle (i.e. unhitched trailers) is prohibited from being parked on the city street.
• Vehicles over six (6) meters in length cannot park on any city street longer than two (2) hours.
• Unauthorized vehicles parking in a Reserved Handicapped Space is prohibited.
• A vehicle shall not be parked within 3 meters (9.84 feet) of an intersection.
• A vehicle shall not be parked within 4.5 meters (14.76) feet of any fire hydrant.
• A vehicle shall not be parked where it is prohibited by yellow painted curb or by signs designating “No parking”
• No person shall obstruct the free passage of traffic on any street or sidewalk.
• No person shall cross any street or avenue other than at an intersection or crosswalk on Fourth Street from Eighth Avenue to Fourteenth Avenue, on Fifth Street from Souris Avenue to Thirteenth Avenue, on Twelfth Avenue from Third Street to Sixth Street.
• No person shall ride any skateboard or roller skates in the downtown core.

Animal Control Bylaw
• No owner shall permit any dog or cat to be running at large within the City.
• No owner of any dog or cat shall be in possession of a dog or cat unless such animal has been licensed for the current year with the City of Estevan.
• Every owner shall ensure that a collar and the tag issued are worn by the dog or cat when the animal is off the owners premises.
• No owner shall permit a dog to bark for ten continuous minutes.
• No owners or keeper of a dog or call shall permit their animal to chase any pedestrian, vehicle or any other animal on a public thoroughfare.
• If a dog or cat defecates on any public or private property other than the property of its owner, the owner or keeper shall cause such defecation to be removed immediately.
• No person operating a motor vehicle within city limits shall allow an animal to be on the drivers lap while the vehicle is in motion.
• No person shall possess or harbour more than three (3) dogs or three (3) cats or a combination of both for a total of three (3) animals over the age of six months.
• No owner of a pigeon shall permit the pigeon to perch or linger on the property of any person, except that of the owner.
• No owner shall permit a dog that, without provocation, acts in a vicious or menacing manner, chases in apparent attack, attacks, assaults,   wounds, bites, injures or kills a person or domestic animal.

Property Maintenance Bylaw
• Properties that are inspected are expected to meet the following criteria:
          -Vegetation (weeds / grass) do not exceed 20 cm in height;
          -Trees / bushes are trimmed and not exceeding properly line;
          -Items such as lumber, tires, metal, etc. are stored neatly;
          -No items that could harbour feral / wild animals in the yard;
          -Household furniture and appliances are not stored in the yard;
          -If refrigerators and freezers are temporarily stored in the yard the doors must be first removed;
          -Junked / dismantled vehicles are to be placed in the back yard or be tarped;
          -No garbage to be in the yard that can be blown into the city / neighboring properties.

Noise Bylaw
• No person shall make, continue, or cause to be made or continued, or suffer to permit to be made or continued:
           -Any unreasonably loud or excessive noise;
           -Any noise which unreasonably disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of reasonable persons of ordinary sensitivity; and
           -Any noise which is so harsh, prolonged, unnatural, or unusual in time or place.

• Lawn mowers, snow blowers and similar devices including, not limited to, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, power fan, edge trimmer, line trimmer, roto-tiller, compressor, internal combustion engine are not permitted between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m.
• Radios, televisions, stereos, compact disc players, musical instruments, or similar devices shall not produce or reproduce sound in a manner that is plainly audible to any person other than the player or operator of the device and those voluntarily listening to the sound.
• No truck or power unit shall idle within 150 meters of any residential district for more than fifteen (15) minutes.
• In all areas of the City except agriculture and industrial districts, the construction, demolition, alteration, or repair of any building or structure that is unreasonably loud of excessive is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m.
• No person other than a police officer in the regular course of duty shall discharge a firearm within the City of Estevan.

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