Canine Division

The Estevan Police Service has had a canine unit for over 25 years.  Over that time the Police Service has had primarily German Shepherd Police Dogs trained to track criminal suspects, conduct searches and apprehend criminals in all types of indoor and outdoor settings.   The current canine dog is a black Labrador retriever named Harvey.  Harvey is 9 years old and nearing the end of his career with the Estevan Police Service

Harvey is trained in drug detection and can locate drugs such as marijuana (also hash/and oil) as well as cocaine, crack, meth, ecstasy/mdma, and heroin. 

Harvey can conduct searches of houses, apartments, Hotel rooms, cars, open areas (yards/fields/trees),  public areas, luggage/bags, buses and people.  Harvey does continuous training year round while on shift and also with other services such as, CBSA – North Portal, Regina Police Service and the Moose Jaw Police Service.  The local business community has been very supportive allowing Harvey and his police handler to use their businesses to set up search areas so the team can remain sharp.  Harvey is required to perform annual qualifications and pass a minimum standard to be able to provide this service to the community. 

Harvey has been able to assist patrol members and criminal investigation division members with searches when called upon.  Harvey has assisted by locating drugs on people, in cars, residences, ditches,  bus depot and in fields. 

Harvey also assists our school resource officer with school visits to conduct demonstrations and meet local youth.

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Victim Services: (306) 634-8040


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