Firearms / Training Division

The Firearms / Training Division trains and maintains the skill level of officers in the use and handling of the department’s firearms and other defensive tools (i.e. Oleoresin Capsicum Spray , Taser, Baton, Handcuffs). During the course of the year an officer must qualify in the safe use and handling of their duty pistol and other police issue firearms.  Officers must also qualify in the use of their other defensive tools, handcuffing techniques and self-defence.  The EPS has a newly updated indoor shooting range facility to allow 24/7/365 firearms training.

Contact Numbers

Emergency: 911
Phone: (306) 634-4767
Fax : (306) 634-7025

Victim Services: (306) 634-8040


Estevan Police Service
301 11th Avenue
Estevan, SK S4A 1C7


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