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February 24, 2024

A traffic stop was initiated in central Estevan which resulted in the male driver failing a THC test for marijuana. His license was suspended for 60 days and vehicle impounded for 3 days. He was also served violation tickets as a result of driving with only a class 7 license. Members attended to various retail locations and other establishments on
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February 23, 2024

Police received two separate reports of thefts.  One from a gas station and the other a grocery store. Video surveillance was obtained and both matters are under investigation. Police received a report of a criminal harassment matter which has resulted in further investigation. Police received a report of a fraud over $5000. Further investigation determined that the issue was civil
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February 22, 2024

Members attended a north Estevan location on the report of two people driving a vehicle while drinking alcohol with two children inside. Extensive patrols were made but the vehicle was not located. Police received a report of a male causing a disturbance at a local restaurant / lounge. Members located the male a short time later. The male was lodged
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February 21, 2024

Members were asked to attend a north Estevan residence to assist in removing an unwanted male who was causing issues. The male, who had already left,  was spoken to outside of the residence upon police arrival. He returned later in the day, at which time he was warned of possible charges if he continued his behaviour . Members attended to
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February 16 – 19, 2024 – Weekend Report

Police received 75 Occurrences  this past weekend. One individual was issued a 72 hour driver’s license suspension for testing positive for THC while driving. His vehicle was also impounded for three days. Two individuals were charged with impaired driving by alcohol. Their driver’s licenses were suspended and their vehicles were impounded. Several incidents of harassment were reported. Statements were obtained
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February 17 , 2024

Police are investigating two separate reports of harassment.  Both investigations are in the early stages and involve harassing communications. Police responded to a report of a mischief to a vehicle in the parking lot of Affinity Place.  The matter remains under investigation. Police also received complaints about parking around the Leisure Centre and Power Dodge Ice Centre.  Several vehicles were
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February 16 , 2024

Members located and  stopped a vehicle after a call about a possible impaired driver.  The vehicle was located and the driver was found to be sober. Police conducted a traffic stop Friday afternoon and issued a B.C. driver a 3 day drivers license suspension as well as a 3 day vehicle seizure after a oral fluid test was positive for
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February 12, 2024

Report of someone causing a disturbance at a local apartment complex. The individual was banging on doors in the building. Matter is under investigation. A traffic stop resulted in a male receiving a 72 hour driver’s license suspension and his vehicle being impounded for three days.  
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