March 07, 2020

Police received a report of an erratic driver.  The vehicle was located and the driver was issued a summary offence ticket under the Traffic Safety Act.  She was also warned about not having her child seat installed properly.

Police received a report of a 47 year old Estevan male being unlawfully in a dwelling after being asked to leave by the owner.  Police attended and arrested the male.  He was lodged in cells.  He will appear before a Justice of the Peace tomorrow during the day.

A suspected impaired driver was reported to the police service.  A vehicle description and location was provided.  Police observed the suspect vehicle a short time later and found the driver to be sober.

A 36 year old Estevan man was arrested after he was observed trespassing on CP Rail property.  During the arrest, the man was resistant towards police.  As a result, additional charges of resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and uttering threats were laid.  The male will make a court appearance in April.

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