April 12, 2022

Police received a request from a government agency to do a well being check on an individual that contacted them.  They were concerned for the welfare of the individual.  The individual was located at home and was found to be okay.

Police received a report of criminal harassment over social media.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a missing person/well being complaint regarding an individual who hadn’t come to work for a number of days and they were unable to make contact with them.  Police investigated and located the individual and determined they were okay.

Police received a number of calls from an individual intoxicated and calling emergency services for no apparent reason.  The individual refused to tell emergency services where she was located so they could check on her to make sure she was ok.  The individual was located after a significant amount of time and effort was put in to her whereabouts.  The caller was warned about public mischief.