April 14, 2019 – Day Shift

The Estevan Police Service received a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in the mall parking lot. The vehicle had sustained extensive damage and was not driveable.  Members contacted the owner and it was determined that the driver had hit the meridian. Driver attended and provided a statement and the matter has been referred to SGI

While out on patrol, members noted an unhitched trailer on the street in the Hillside area. The owner was contacted and warned of the bylaw. The public is reminded it is unlawful to leave a trailer on the street that is not attached to a vehicle.

Police received a complaint of a vehicle parked at a business for an extended period of time. The owner was contacted and matter was resolved.

Members attended to a residence in the west end of the city for a domestic dispute. Both parties were spoken to and police were able to mediate the situation.

Police received a complaint regarding the noise bylaw at a residence in the south end of the city. Members attended and warned the home owner of the bylaw.

Police received a complaint of uttering threats. Matter is under investigation.

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