April 2, 2021

Police received two separate complaints in relation to dispute over property.  One of the matters was resolved by mediation.  The second matter is still under investigation with possible break and enter to a residence and theft or possession of property obtained by  crime charges.

Police received three separate complaints in relation to individuals receiving a text saying they had a parcel at the border.  They were given contact information for the parcel.  They did not contact anyone because they were not expecting a parcel.  Police advise the public to be cautious of any form of unexpected solicitations.  If it sounds to good to be true it likely is.

Police received a report of three young males riding their bikes off the hillside on the west end of the city and jumping them across the highway.  The young men were spoken to by the police and educated as to the risks of getting hit by a vehicle on the highway.

Police received multiple complaints about individuals failing to wear their masks properly in local businesses.  The police remind the public it is an offence under the provincial health order to fail to wear a mask in a public buildings and further that a business owner has the right to ask individuals to leave the property without allowing them to do any further business.  Failing to leave the property after being asked to do so may result in additional charges as well.

Police received a complaint in relation to criminal harassment over the internet.  The matter is under investigation.

Numerous traffic stops were made during the evening hrs that resulted in two drivers having their licenses suspended as well as their vehicles impounded for three days. One of the drivers is also facing an impaired driving charge as a result of a roadside oral swab and blood test for drugs.


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