April 22, 2019 – Day Shift

Police responded to a reported 911 call from a local business. Members attended the business and spoke to the staff. It was learned a staff member accidentally called 911 and there was no problem. No further action was required.

A Report Impaired Driver (RID) call was received from a business on the city’s north side. Police were able to locate the vehicle and check the driver for sobriety. The roadside screening device test showed the driver did not consume any alcohol and was subsequently sent on their way.

Police were called to assist the Southey RCMP in executing a warrant of arrest. Members located the subject’s at his residence, at which time he was taken into custody. He was later released with a new court date set for May in Regina.

Police also dealt with a reported hit and run accident. The matter is under investigation.

A Platoon

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