April 22, 2021

Police received a complaint in relation to an attempted scam.  The caller advised that the complainant had won a prize through Publisher’s Clearing House and would receive that prize only after sending a cheque to claim it.  The complainant realized it was a scam and didn’t respond or provide any funds.  EPS would like to remind the public that calls of this nature are most often fraudulent.

Police received a complaint in relation to a commercial vehicle operating and having an insecure load.  Police investigated and located the vehicle.  The driver was warned about ensuring that the items being hauled were properly secured before driving the vehicle.

During the early evening hours, a traffic stop was made that resulted in a 54 year old Estevan man having his license suspended for 90 days and his vehicle impounded for 14 days as a result of a breath sample provided into a roadside screening device. The larger than normal durations of the drivers license suspension and vehicle impoundment were a result of this being his 3rd offence.


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