May 11, 2019

Police are looking into several Bylaw complaints of vehicles parked for extended periods of time on residential streets. Numerous vehicles had their tires chalked by police. Under the Estevan Traffic Bylaw, vehicles are only allowed to remain parked on a street for 24 hours before they have to be moved. Fine for over-parking is $80.

Police also dealt with an accident on 13th Ave and King Street. A vehicle had run into the back of a second vehicle which in turn hit a third vehicle in front of it. The vehicles were still drivable due to the low speeds involved. Police are investigating the matter and speaking to witnesses.

Police are investigating a matter where a vehicle sustained some damage by an individual after it was parked in a business parking lot. The vehicle suffered several hundred dollars in damage.

Officers were active on traffic enforcement throughout the night and issued summary offense tickets for speeding, operating an unregistered motor vehicle and for drivers failing to properly wear their seat belts.

Members conducted curfew checks on numerous individuals on judical release. A 25 year old Estevan female is facing charges of failing to comply and a warrant has been sought for her arrest.

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