April 25, 2019 – Night Shift

Police responded to a report of a dog that had been left in a vehicle. Police located the vehicle and the dog was fine. In speaking with the owner, the dog was not left in the vehicle very long and the temperature outside was not warm enough to cause concern. No further action was required.

Police were later called to a disturbance on the city’s east side. Upon arrival it was discovered an argument had taken place between two business patrons. One of the patrons moved a vehicle causing some issues. A traffic ticket was issued as a result of his driving actions when moving the vehicle.

Police were then called to an intoxicated person walking on a residential street. He was observed breaking a yard light before leaving the area. Police searched the area for the person but were unable to locate him. The matter is under investigation.

Police were then dispatched to a noisy party complaint. upon arrival the homeowner was spoken to and warned about the noise bylaw. The party was shut down without any further incidents.

A Platoon

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