April 26, 2019 – Day Shift

Police responded to an alarm at a local business downtown. Police spoke to people on scene and determined the alarm to be false.

Police received multiple calls of a horse running at large in the city. The owner was located and took control of the horse. No injuries or damage was reported

Police received a driving complaint from 4th Avenue in Estevan. The driver and vehicle were located at a residence in the area. The driver co-operated and was warned about his driving.

Police received a troubling report of a mischief and theft. Lug nuts were removed off the wheel of a Nissan truck. Thankfully the driver only traveled within the city at slow speeds and never fully lost the tire. The owner of the truck lives on the south end of the city. Police are asking for public assistance as there are no suspects at this time. If anyone has information about this case please call the Estevan Police or Crime Stoppers.

Police arrested a 17 year old subject for breaching conditions of an earlier release. The young person was taken before a Justice of the Peace later on in the evening.

Police received a call of a missing dog. The dog is described as a small, white in color with a pink collar. The dog, who goes by the name of Shadow, was last seen in the 600 Block of George Street.

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