April 29, 2019 – Night Shift

Police responded to a driving complaint on the south end of the city. The vehicle and owner were located at their residence and warned about their driving.

Police had a report of a possible theft and fraud. A statement was taken from the complainant. A suspect has been identified in regards to the incident. Police continue to investigate.

Police had a report of a vehicle parked on the yellow curb near the theatre. The vehicle was gone prior to arrival.

Police did several curfew checks last night. Everyone that was checked was located at home complying with their conditions.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Sister Roddy Road and King Street. There was suspicions of cannabis use in the vehicle. Police used the new roadside instrument that tests an oral swab from a person. A 21 year old Estevan female was positive for cannabis and cocaine. She was arrested and blood demand was done. Samples were safely taken at the hospital and will be sent away for analysis. The female had her drivers license suspended and her vehicle was seized both for three days. The incident remains under investigation.

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