April 4, 2021

Police received an uttering threats complaint.  Statements have been obtained and the matter is still under investigation.

Police received a complaint in relation to a female believed to be intoxicated by drugs.  Police attended to the local business where the female was located and she was subsequently arrested for being intoxicated in public and lodged in cells until sober enough to care of herself.

Police received a report of a driver failing to remain at the scene of an accident.  With the assistance of witnesses to the collision, the vehicle and driver were positively identified.  The driver was charged under the Traffic Safety Act and and will attend court in June to speak to the matter.  The collision resulted in minor damage to each vehicle and no injuries were sustained.

While on patrol during the early evening hours, members located 2 recycle bins that had been struck by a vehicle and the contents of the bins  strewn about. No damage was done to the bins. The public is requested to please call the Estevan Police with any information regarding this Mischief.

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