August 10, 2023

Police received a report of a theft of a vehicle from a local business parking lot.  The vehicle was later located and returned to the owner.  Officers determined the circumstances surrounding the incident and there will be no charges at this point in time.

Police received a report of an attempted scam.  The complainant had been monitoring his credit card account and learned there was a pending charge on his account that he didn’t authorize.  He contacted the bank and credit card company and the payment was stopped.  The complainant suffered no loss due to his diligence.

Police received a report of theft from a vehicle.  Police remind the public that it is important to not leave valuables in your vehicle overnight.  It is also important to ensure that your vehicle is secure and not left unlocked.  The majority of these thefts are crime of opportunity and can be avoided.

Police received a report of theft from a business.  The individual responsible has been identified and interviewed.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police attended to a disturbance in the Trojan subdivision.  Police along, with the EPS PACT  team were able to mediate a resolution.