August 12, 2021

Police received a hang up 911 call.  911 had made attempts to call the caller back and met with no appropriate response so were in a position to dispatch police.  Police attended to the residence and everything was fine.  The police remind the public if you accidently call 911 please communicate with the call taker so they can assess the situation appropriately.

Police received a driving complaint about a vehicle that had twice driven over traffic pylons on the street.  Police located the driver and warned the youth under the Traffic Safety Act.

Police attended to a disturbance in a south end apartment building.  Police spoke to the parties involved and were able to mediate enough to calm things.

Police attended to both commercial and residential alarms throughout the day.  All the alarms were found to be set off by accident.

Police attended to a Hillside residence to mediate and keep the peace while a discussion between neighbours took place.  No further action required on this matter.

Police received a report of theft of gas from a gas station.  Police located the vehicle and had the driver return to pay for the gas.