August 15, 2020


Police received a driving complaint.  The vehicle was located parked with no one inside it.  The matter is still under investigation.  Police remind the public that the registered owner is responsible for how their vehicle is operated.  There are cases that the registered owner is charged with the traffic offence if the driver is not identified.

Police attended to a local liquor establishment to a report of a male causing a disturbance.  Police attended to learn that two males were arguing over the fact that the one male was alleged to be miss treating a female in the establishment.  The two males were separated and there was no further problem.

Police had an upstanding citizen turn in an envelope with that was found near a local business.  The envelope contained a substantial amount of foreign currency.  Police are hoping the owner can attend the Police Service and identify the package so that it can be returned.

Police arrested an Estevan male for possession of psilocybin (mushrooms).  The male was charged and released to appear in court in October to answer to the charge.

Police attended to a residence to a report of an unwanted guest.  Police attended and learned the male had been uttering threats and brandishing a knife.  He was arrested for uttering threats and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public.  The male was lodged in cells to be remanded for court Monday morning.

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