August 18, 2023

Police received  a complaint about a solicitor attending to a local Westview residence a second time after being told previously they were unwelcome.  Police caution individuals that it may become criminal if they return to an individuals residence to solicit when they are aware they are unwelcome.

Police received a report of theft of a package that had been delivered to a home in the Westview area of the city.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a report of a social media scam where the complainant received a friend request from an individual unknown to them but had “in-common” friends.  The complainant accepted the friend request and shortly after received a scam attempt.  Police remind the public to not accept requests on social media from people they don’t know.  Further, don’t grant individuals access to your friends lists as it is an opening to allow them to take advantage of others.  This matter is still under investigation.

Received a report of two suspicious people hanging around a local service station. The people were reported to have gone into backyards around the area. Members attended and spoke with the individuals, who were waiting for a ride to pick them up.  They were spoken to about entering yards without permission and sent on their way.

An individual was arrested for causing a disturbance and trying to re-enter a licensed premises after being asked to leave. He was transported to EPS to be lodged until sober.

A report of a possible fight at a local establishment was also received. Members attended and both parties had already been separated and one party had left the premises. No further action required by members.

A driver was issued a 72 hour driver’s license suspension and her vehicle was impounded for 72 hours after a traffic stop in the north area of the city. The driver provided a sample of breath on the roadside screening device with a result of “warning”.