August 6, 2019

A number of vehicles were stopped and tickets issued this date as a result of having expired license plates. One resulted in the driver also not having a valid driver’s license which resulted in a 7 day vehicle impoundment. He was also charged as a result of using his cell phone while driving. The fine for an unregistered vehicle is $580 as well as possibly having your vehicle towed. Please ensure that your vehicles are properly registered.

Police were dispatched for a dispute at a residence in the Pleasantdale area. Members spoke with all parties involved and were able to mediate the situation. No further action was required.

A traffic stop was conducted with a vehicle in a residential area due to their driving actions. One of the passengers required medical attention and was transported to the hospital by EMS. An impaired investigation was initiated with the driver where he provided a sample of breath on an approved screening device. He was found not to be impaired however was charged under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act for having open alcohol in the vehicle which holds a fine of $360.00.

Estevan Police, Fire and EMS  were dispatched to central Estevan for a single vehicle collision. The driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries and was later released. Matter remains under investigation.

Police were dispatched to a 2nd collision where it was reported that one of the drivers may be impaired. Members attended and found that no alcohol was involved.  Both vehicles sustained minor damages and no one was injured.

Police received a report of uttering threats. Matter remains under investigation.


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