The Estevan Police Service Containment / Warrant Entry Team (CWET) was established in 2015 to increase community and officer safety during the execution of search warrants and containment of situations involving the risk of weapons or violence. CWET currently consists of 6 members of the Estevan Police Service who are otherwise operational in Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Police Identification Services roles.  These members are equipped with specialized equipment and receive on-going training in scene assessment and containment, entry and room clearing tactics, firearms applications, active threat response, rapid deployment and emergent first aid.  Training is conducted throughout the year in conjunction with physical fitness components and individual assessments. 

Since the creation of CWET, the team has successfully conducted numerous search warrants authorized under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Criminal Code, each resulting in the arrest of individual(s) trafficking drugs in Estevan as well as significant volumes of illegal drugs and associated proceeds of crime being seized.

Funding for CWET training and operational requirements is allocated through the Estevan Police Service annual budget.  Provincial funding was obtained in 2015 to purchase a transport vehicle for safe and effective deployment of CWET.  This additional financial support was obtained by way of a grant which provided funds from civil forfeiture of proceeds of crime.    


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