December 01, 2023


Police received a report of a successful scam.  The caller had the victim purchase bitcoin and transfer the money to the thief.  The victim was reported to have lost over $2700.00.  The police remind the public that if you are being asked to pay for something via bitcoin deposits or by buying gift cards to use as payment it is likely a scam.

Police attended to a south end residence because of a noise complaint.  The home owner was warned under the bylaw.

A local taxi service attended to the Police Station as they had an intoxicated female passenger that wasn’t able to give their address to the taxi driver.  The individual was taken into the police station and a family member was contacted and attended to pick them up a short time later.

Police received a report of criminal harassment.  The individual is received repeated messages over social media.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police attended to a disturbance and managed to separate the parties for a few hours until they were able to act more reasonably with each other.

Police attended to a residence in the Hillside area of the city to a report of a dispute between occupants of the home.  The parties were divided up and would avoid each other for the remainder of the evening.

Police attended to a second residence due to a noise complaint.  The home owner was warned under the bylaw.

Police arrested an Estevan male on outstanding warrants.  He was found to be extremely intoxicated and was lodged in cells until he was sober enough to care for himself.