December 07, 2019

Police received a call from a local business about a possible scam.  An unknown person called a business in Regina to have them attend to Estevan and do work on the businesses internet.  The scam would have allowed the suspect to have remote access to the business.  The matter remains under investigation.

Police responded to a report of an erratic driver.  The vehicle was located and the driver was warned.

Police received a report of a theft from a local business.  The complainant spotted the suspect vehicle a short time later and the man was arrested. The 38 year old man from Estevan will be charged for theft under $5000 dollars.  He is also on a Conditional Sentence Order which an allegation of breach will be completed.  He will be remanded for court on Monday.

Police received a complaint of failing to remain at the scene of an accident.  The complainant had attended a hockey game last evening in Carlyle.  The complainants vehicle received damages while parked on the parking lot at the arena.  The matter has been forwarded to the Carlyle Detachment of the RCMP.

Police attended to a local liquor establishment to a report of a male bothering a female.  Members attended and spoke to the male.  He was going home in a taxi as police arrived.  No further action was required.

Police were again called to a local liquor establishment to a report of a male being difficult with staff.  Police attended and the male was asked to leave.  He was taken home by a family member.  No further action was required.

Police received a complaint of an individual being harassed over text messaging.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police arrested an 44 year old Estevan male for impaired driving.  He will appear in court in January of 2020.

Police attended to a local liquor establishment to a report of a disturbance.  Two Estevan residents were arrested and lodged in cells.  One was arrested for breaching his conditions and the second was arrested for obstruction of justice and being intoxicated in a public place.




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