December 10, 2021

Police attended to two unrelated disturbances early on in the day.  Police were able to speak to a number of parties involved and mediated a resolution.

Police received a report of theft from a local business.  Police attended and arrested a 16 year old Bienfait male for theft.  He was processed and released to his parent with a court date in the new year.

Police attended to a local business to a report of two youths causing a disturbance and possibly committing theft.  Police were able to determine no theft occurred but the youth were misbehaving.  Parents are to be spoken to and advised of their child’s behavior.

Police received two reports of attempted scams.  One of the individuals received an automated messaging saying CBSA had a package addressed to them that was suspicious.  The individual didn’t respond to the message due to realizing it was likely a scam.  The second call was was in relation the complainant being advised that there were warrants for their arrest and their SIN number had been frozen.  Again, the individual realized it was a scam and didn’t respond.   Police continue to remind the public to be vigilant of any unsolicited calls in relation warrants of arrest, packages, SIN numbers etc.

Members attended a central Estevan residence on the report of an assault that occurred involving two males. The suspect male was not at the residence upon arrival, however was later found and arrested. He was transported to EPS where he was charged for the assault and released with conditions of no contact with the victim. The 22 year old Estevan man is scheduled to make his first court appearance in Estevan Provincial Court on Monday January 31, 2022 at 9:30 AM.