December 20, 2022

Members responded to four separate motor vehicle collisions today which resulted in damage to all vehicles.  Two of the vehicles had to be towed at one of the locations.  One of the accidents was result of a Hit & Run at an East central Estevan department store. The fourth incident was a result of a truck sliding onto a street from a school parking lot in Northeast Estevan. No injuries were sustained in any of the collisions. The public is reminded to reduce speed throughout the city due to the slippery road conditions.

A driver in medical distress was forced to drive his vehicle off of the street and onto the shoulder. EMS and Police arrived at which time the unconscious driver was revived and treated on scene before being transported by EMS to hospital for further assessment.

EPS received a report of a scam involving Amazon who advised that an amount had to be paid for an iPhone. Fortunately, no money or information was given. The public is reminded that Amazon or most other organizations do not do business in this manner. The public is also reminded to call and report such scams to the Anti Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501