December 23, 2021

Police attended to a four vehicle accident in the east end of the city during the day.  There were no injuries reported.  One vehicle damaged three other vehicles do to an equipment malfunction.

Police were called a number of times during the day to local retail businesses to reports of customers failing to wear their mask or wearing them improperly.  Police did issue several warnings to individuals for not complying with the restrictions.  The fine for failing to wear a mask properly is $2800.00.

Police attended to a disturbance at a city core residence.  While on scene at the residence, police learned one of the parties involved had outstanding warrants with two other police agencies in the province.  The 36 year old Estevan female was also intoxicated.  She was arrested on her outstanding warrants and lodged in police cells for the evening.  She will be released later today to appear in Regina in early February to answer to her charges.

Police were called to a disturbance outside a local liquor establishment.  A 24 year old Alameda, Saskatchewan and a 46 year old Cambridge, Ontario male were arrested and lodged in police cells. They will be released later on in the day when sober.

Police were called to a disturbance outside a second local liquor establishment.  A 26 year old Estevan male was arrested along with a 26 year old female.  They were both lodged in police cells to be released later on in the day.  The female will be issued a summary offense ticket for a cannabis violation.

Police were called to a Trojan Subdivision residence to a report of a suspicious male banging on the door of a residence.  Police attended and located a 35 year old male.  He was transported home and warned about his behaviour.