December 28, 2022

Police were called to attend a multi dwelling unit as one of the tenants was playing music very loud in the early hours of the day shift.  The tenants had a dispute and so the subject of the complaint turned up the music to annoy the neighbor.  A warning was given under the bylaw.

Police were called to a downtown address a couple times in relation to a dispute.  A roommate was moving out and they weren’t getting along.  Police attended to mediate.

Police conducted numerous traffic stops throughout the night. A 32 year old man from Estevan received a 72 hour driver’s license suspension after he provided a sample of breath which resulted in the suspension. The vehicle was towed and impounded for 3 days.

Police were dispatched to a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Souris Avenue. RCMP advised as caller stated that he had left city limits.

Police received a call for a suspicious person in a vehicle. Patrols of the area were conducted but the vehicle had left the area prior to police arriving.