December 31, 2018 – Day shift

Police conducted a traffic stop on King Street, after observing a 39 year old female failing to comply with her Probation Order. The female provided a sample of bresth into a roadside screening device, with a result of “Warn”. The female was issued a 60 day driving suspension and her vehicle impounded as a result. She was released to appear in Court in February to answer to her charges.

Members attended to a 2 vehicle collision on Eva Street. A female passenger was transported via ambulance to the hospital with minor injuries and one of the vehicles was towed from the scene. The matter is still under investigation.

Members received several STARS Lottery fraud complaints throughout the day and remind the public not to provide personal or financial information over the phone to persons you do not know.

Officers attended to complaint of suspicious activity in a garbage bin in the 1200 block of 6th Street. Nothing unusual was found.

“A” Platoon

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