December 31, 2018 – Night shift

Police had extra manpower on in the evening to provide check stops and make sure people were not drinking and driving. Police stopped and checked nearly 200 vehicles. No impaired drivers were located and several drivers were checked using roadside screening devices with similar results. Police did however issue several tickets for open alcohol in a motor vehicle and one ticket for open alcohol in public.

Police were flagged down by a citizen wanting to report an incident in an apartment building. Police responded and learned that a minor assault had taken place and some property was damaged. A 22 year old Estevan male was arrested for assault and held in cells and a 20 year old Estevan male was arrested for breaching his court ordered conditions. He was also held in cells until sober.

Police then got a call about an intoxicated male who was outside in the cold and did not want a ride. Police were able to locate the male a short distance away and learned that he had obtained a safe ride home.

Police then got a call about a couple that had a argument and one person had left the scene on foot. Police were able to locate the person and took them home to prevent any further issues.

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