December 31, 2023

Police attended to a mischief to property and a disturbance in the Pleasantdale area of the city to start New Years Eve night.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police attended to an apartment building in the north end of the city to a disturbance.  Police were able to mediate a resolution for the evening between the disputing parties.

Police attended to a local liquor establishment to a report of an intoxicated male trying to start fights with patrons.  Police attended and the male was intoxicated enough he couldn’t care for himself.  He was arrested and returned to the police station.  During processing for detention for the evening the 57 year old Estevan male head butted one of the officers and is now facing assault police officer charges.  He will be released when sober to appear in court on the assault charge.

Police received a report of a break and enter in progress to an apartment.  On arrival, police learned it was the resident trying to get into his own place.  He was able to get in and no further action was required.

Police attended to a north end apartment building to a report of a tenant causing a disturbance in the hallways.  Police located a 31 year old Estevan female unconscious on her balcony.  Police were unable to get her to respond so EMS was called and transported her to the hospital.

Police received a request from Regina Police Service in locating a 43 year old male that lives in Estevan.  Regina Police Service had an arrest warrant for robbery for the individual.  He was located and arrested.  Efforts will be made to have him remanded in custody and transported to Regina to appear in court on the matter.  Further, Regina Police Service requested that his 30 year old female girlfriend also be arrested and remanded to Regina for court on the same charge.

Police learned upon lodging the 43 year Estevan male that Saskatoon Police Service also has warrants of arrest for him for assault and breaching his conditions.  Efforts will be made to have him remanded on those charges as well and at some point transported to Saskatoon to answer to the charges there as well.

Police also checked a total of 26 vehicles in traffic stops on New Years Eve and are happy to see that all the drivers were being responsible and were all sober.