December 5, 2018 – Dayshift

Members attended a residence in South Estevan on the report of someone entering a house without permission. Further investigation resulted in the person having authorization.

Members were dispatched to a North central Estevan apartment complex on the report of a vehicle being unlawfully taken. After further investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle was being repossessed as the previous owner failed to clear the debt owning. The public is reminded to undertake the necessary steps to ensure property is lien free before purchasing to avoid any unfortunate circumstances.

Another CRA scam was reported to EPS which resulted in no information or money given by the complainant. The public is reminded to remain aware of this Fraud despite reported arrests made overseas.

A Hit & Run was reported in central Estevan. The circumstance revolving this matter remain under investigation.

A report was received regarding a suspended driver driving in central Estevan. Members attended the area, but the vehicle was not located. Matter remains under investigation.

A burglar alarm was reported at a residence in Northwest Estevan. The alarm proved to be false upon police arrival and further investigation.

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