December 6, 2018 – Day shift

Members attended to a northeast Estevan business regarding a dispute over work done on a vehicle that wasn’t paid for. Matter was resolved without further incident.

A scam was received in regard to the Stars Lottery. No information or money was provided and that matter was concluded without further incident.

A large black dog was reported in a south Estevan neighborhood near an elementary school. The Estevan Bylaw Enforcement Officer was dispatched, however the dog had already left the area and wasn’t located

Two separate hit and run accidents were reported that occurred in central and east central Estevan which resulted in light damage to both vehicles. The matters remain under investigation.

A semi/trailer unit was involved in a motor vehicle collision in central Estevan as a result of the unit attempting a right turn and striking a parked vehicle.

The Angel Tree Campaign wrapped up today with EPS visits to Westview and St Mary’s school. The campaign was a huge success. Thank you Estevan!

B Platoon

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