December 7, 2018 – Night shift

A traffic stop was made in central Estevan which resulted in a 22 year old Estevan man receiving a 120 day driving suspension as well as his vehicle being impounded for 7 days as a result of a roadside screen test for alcohol. The length of the suspension and impoundment was a result of the driver holding a Novice 2 driver’s license as well as this being his second driving suspension.

A 26 year old man from Griffin Saskatchewan was transported to Hospital as a result of members being called to central Estevan location. The man who was severely intoxicated was transported and admitted to hospital for a period of time pending tests before being release to another responsible adult.

An impaired driver was reported in north central Estevan, but after further investigation the male driver was found to be sober.

EPS received a report of a black Ford truck with no license plate in a west central Estevan parking lot. The vehicle which was stopped by police, was found to be bearing a valid permit.


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