December 8, 2018 – Night shift

Members attended to a northwest Estevan apartment on the report of a female refusing to leave when requested to do so. The female left after police arrival and the matter was resolved without further incident.

A 56 year Estevan man was arrested and charged with breaching the conditions of his undertaking as a result of consuming non prescription drugs. He was also charged with breaching the rules of his Electronic Monitoring Program. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance in Estevan Provincial Court at 9:30 AM.

Members were dispatched to a central Estevan residence on the report of noises heard in the basement. The residence was searched by police and no one was found as well as the noises no longer being heard.

Members attended to a residence in central Estevan where the occupant saw shadows standing outside of his window as well as hearing voices. Members attended, but no one was found.

Members attended to a central Estevan location where a vehicle was driving erratically. Patrols were made in the area, but the vehicle was not found.

B Platoon

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