December 9, 2023

Police Launch Investigation Into Stolen Boat

Police received a driving complaint in relation to a black Dodge pickup being operated erratically near the 7-11 on 4th Street.  Police were unable to locate the vehicle so the matter is still under investigation.

Police received a request to do a wellness check on an Estevan individual that was on the telephone with family then indicated he was having medical issues.  Police attended and learned that Emergency Medical Services had already attended and taken care of the individual.

Police attended to a residence for an unwanted guest. The intoxicated individual was escorted out of the residence and left with family who assumed responsibility.

Police conducted a curfew check and noted the person was not home per the conditions of their probation order. Charges are now pending.

A traffic stop involving a 34 year old female from Estevan, resulted in an oral fluid device demand being made.  The subsequent result was positive for cannabis.  Police have now entered into an impaired driving investigation, pending the results of blood samples. Her vehicle was seized and she was issued a 72 hour driving suspension.

Police were called to a residence in the Trojan area for a noise complaint. The home owner was warned of the bylaw.

Numerous traffic stops were conducted and a total of eleven mandatory approved screening device demands were made.  All drivers tested were sober.