Estevan Police Services


The CIU is comprised of full time Estevan Police Service detectives who work independently from the patrol section. The unit is also supplemented by the Forensic Identification Unit and the Drug and Intelligence Unit.

CIU duties include the investigation of major crimes in the City of Estevan. These investigations include, but are not limited to; violent crimes such as homicide, attempted homicides, suspicious deaths, robberies, serious assaults, child abuse as well as sex related crimes including sexual assaults, child sexual assault and child pornography. Other investigations include thefts over $5000.00, significant property offences, missing persons, cold case files and historical case investigations. White collar crimes such as major frauds (over $5,000) are also investigated by the CIU and include fraudulent scams as well as identity theft just to name a few.

Estevan Police Service CIU detectives receive specialized training in their field to meet and keep up with constantly changing investigation dynamics.

Depending on the circumstances of an incident or file, the CIU will assist patrol and other investigative units of the EPS on higher profile incidents. This unit also works closely with outside law enforcement and other agencies for investigation and training purposes.