Estevan Police Services


The Detention facility at the Estevan Police Service is a temporary holding facility that serves a large portion of the southeastern area of Saskatchewan. Numerous police agencies use this facility.

Those incarcerated while dealing with their charges, are transported to Estevan for their court appearances. Transportation is provided by an outside agency – Provost – and depending on schedules; prisoners may have to spend a night or two in our cells.

Intoxicated individuals who cannot be released to a sober person will spend time here until they are able to care for themselves. Other individuals who have been charged and need to be released with certain conditions while going through the court process also may find themselves in our cells for a period of time.

While in our care, prisoners are guarded at all times. Guards physically check on each prisoner every fifteen minutes and cameras in the cells allow them to visually observe each prisoner at all times on a monitor at their desk. Dispatchers also have monitors at their desk for most areas of the detention center to ensure safety of all.