Estevan Police Services


The Estevan Police Service Forensic Identification Section is mandated to capture and preserve evidence required for a criminal investigation. Such evidence may include fingerprints, photographs, scene diagrams and measurements and any exhibit item that may provide DNA from blood, hair or buccal (saliva) samples.

Evidence is tested in a variety of ways including UV light sources, cyanoacrylate (CA) fuming chambers, specific computer programs and a variety of other chemical and powder processes.

Exhibits requiring more detailed examination – such as DNA extraction – are forwarded for specific testing to one of the many Forensic Crime Labs throughout Canada. This kind of work is frequently seen on any of the popular CSI type shows.

Trained Identification members are also responsible for photographing injury victims, fingerprinting and photographing arrested persons pursuant to the ‘Identification of Criminals Act’, taking court-ordered DNA samples, verifying the identities of persons of interest, attending autopsies and testifying in court.