Estevan Police Services


The Communications Centre is a vital part of the Estevan Police Service. In many instances, Special Constable Communication Officers are the initial contact with people who call the police. The primary function of the Communications Officers is to facilitate and co-ordinate police resources with various needs of the public. In other words, directing Police Officers to where they are needed and responding to the most urgent needs first.

Communication Officers gather information to aid investigations and crime prevention, they process and disseminate reports and also respond to public requests, conduct background criminal record checks on people applying for employment, volunteering and for other needs. Communication Officers process charge information and produce court packages. Court documents are entered into our Canadian Police Information Center terminal (CPIC). CPIC is a complex computer network that police members across the country can access. Special Constable Communication Officers are also responsible for maintaining details on warrants, court documents, missing persons, stolen vehicles and other property that is stolen or lost. This information is critical to the officer in assisting with their investigation as well as for officer safety.

Due to the nature of the duties, the Communication Officer must be able to quickly and accurately analyze and interpret information provided by the public and/or officers and make assessments of the situations to determine and coordinate the dispatch of appropriate emergency vehicles and other units. Police dispatchers must be able to multitask and deal with all different kinds of personality types. They must also be able to remain in control of their emotions in order to help those who are in need of help to remain calm, and to help diffuse potentially explosive situations.