Estevan Police Services


Funded by Saskatchewan Justice

Southeast Regional Victim Services Inc. is a police-based crisis intervention program funded by Victims Services, Saskatchewan Justice and the Victims Fund. Victim Services works in partnership with the RCMP and municipal Police Services of Weyburn and Estevan, as well as the community to provide the best possible service to victims during their involvement in the Criminal Justice System and to aid victims of crime and traumatic events by providing information, advocacy, support and referrals to appropriate community resources.

Southeast Regional Victim Services has developed a number of goals instrumental to our work with victims of crime and traumatic events. Some of these goals include: to minimize trauma and limit the effects of crime; to prevent further victimization; to ensure victims’ rights and needs are being met; to coordinate community and volunteer resources for victims; and to assist the RCMP and Municipal police in providing crime prevention services to the community.

We also provide enhanced services including court preparation for testifying and support to victims and witnesses.

1) Crisis Intervention

  • Respond at time of crime, providing support
  • Respond to immediate needs of victims
  • Provide information on crisis response
  • Support at time of medical attention, police involvement and court
  • Support throughout involvement in the Criminal Justice System, also providing court preparation for testifying for victims and witnesses.

2) Assistance

  • Accessing the criminal justice system
  • Completing victim restitution, Victim Impact Statements and compensation forms
  • Assist in arranging transportation during involvement with the justice system
  • Assist in return of stolen property

3) Information

  • Police procedures
  • Specific information relative to their case
  • Court dates, court disposition, and court procedures
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Victims role and rights
  • Services available
  • Crime prevention
  • Information about the probation or parole of the offender

4) Referral

  • Advise of resources available
  • Refer to appropriate resources to meet victims needs
  • Help victims access these referrals
  • Coordinate community resources for victims of crime

5) Crime Prevention

  • Prevent victimization by educating vulnerable people to recognize and address patterns/effects of violence
  • Coordinate/support community crime prevention initiatives
  • Home security checks

If you or a family member/friend has been a victim of a crime or traumatic event or you would like more information about our please contact us at 306-634-8040 in Estevan or 306-842-4797 in Weyburn.

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Beaumont is Victim Services newest member and he is based in Weyburn, SK. He is a black lab and is a CAI certified trauma k9 service dog. He had two years of intense training with Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) in Burnaby, British Columbia. He was bred, raised and trained for this role. He has a stable temperament, low energy, able to handle high stress/anxiety and is drawn to emotion. His role is to work with and assist with victims of crime and traumatic events. He assists with people who struggle to talk, provides a cathartic and healing touch, normalizes traumatic situations, acts as a good will ambassador, draws out healthy emotions, reduces blood pressure and anxiety and calms agitated persons. He also assists with victims/witnesses before and after testifying in court. Studies have shown that trauma dogs reduce shock and anxiety for victims in turn helping them relax so they can cope with what happened and communicate that to a police officer.

We are very lucky to have Beaumont as part of our team. He has touched many hearts and will continue to do in the many years to come.


At Southeast Regional Victim Services we rely on passionate and caring volunteers to provide these important supports to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Our communities need volunteers to support victims in the immediate aftermath of a crime or tragedy, and continue to offer steady and committed assistance throughout the criminal justice process.

All volunteers will be required to pass a police security check before undergoing training to prepare you for handling sensitive situations appropriately. This experience offers the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual as you bring hope and structure into the lives of the victimized and traumatized.

If you are interested in this rewarding volunteer experience, please contact us or complete our volunteer application below and email it to: or mail it to:

Southeast Regional Victim Services Inc

301 11th Ave. Estevan, SK S4A 1C7

Volunteer Application(need pdf from them)