Estevan Police Association

Working Together For A Safe Community

The ‘Estevan Policeman’s Association’ was formed in 1969 and was renamed the ‘Estevan Police Association’ (EPA) in 2015 to better reflect the Female and Male members whom it represents.

The EPA represents all non-commissioned officers of the Estevan Police Service and is affiliated with the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers (SFPO) and the Canadian Police Association (CPA).

The EPA represents their membership in the following areas:

  • Act as the primary collective bargaining unit to negotiate competitive wages, improved working conditions and benefits for our members.
  • Provide assistance to members being investigated and/or charged in relation to disciplinary offences while engaged in their lawful duties as police officers;
  • Maintain professional communication between the EPA and EPS executive.
  • Lobby municipal, provincial and federal levels of Government for positive changes that enhance both the safety of Police Officers and the safety of the Citizens we are entrusted with serving. 

EPA members take pride in their community involvement and annual donations to local charities.  Our Association continues to grow relationships with local youth and host various community events each year.  The EPA understands the importance of grass roots policing and interacting with members of the community whenever possible.