February 02, 2019 – Night Shift

Police received a report of an attempt fraud. The caller received notification they were due a refund. The notification requested personal information from the caller. The caller didn’t have a refund coming for anything so did not provide any information.

Police attended to a disturbance in the Westview area of the City. A resident was locked out of the house by a fellow resident. Police assisted in resolving the dispute and gaining access to the home.

Police received a report of an impaired driver (RID). The vehicle in question was located and the driver was found not to be impaired.

Police attended to a report of a loud party in the east end. The resident was issued a citation under the City Bylaw “Allowing or Causing a Loud Noise that Did Disturb Others.” The court date for that matter is in April.

“B” Platoon

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