February 04, 2023

Police attended to a residence after receiving a report that an individual might be overdosing.  Members attended determined the individual had consumed too much alcohol and was in the company of a responsible individual.  No further action was taken.

Police received a report of an individual having the victims property and not returning it.  The police will follow up the investigation on a possession of stolen property matter.

Police received a report of criminal harassment.  An individual from Manitoba continues to contact an individual in Estevan.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a report of a vehicle reported to be eastbound on highway 39 to Estevan from Macoun at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle was also reported to be passing on a solid line.  Police located the vehicle and issued two traffic tickets to the driver.

Police received a second report of criminal harassment from a victim in North Dakota.  The victim is being harassed by an individual that lives in Estevan and Brandon, Manitoba.  The matter is still under investigation.

A female was warned for smoking cannabis in a public place.  The public is reminded, it is an offence to consume cannabis in public places.

Report of harassing communications between three individuals. The incidents have been ongoing for some time. Members obtained statements and the matter is under investigation.

Traffic enforcement concentrated on the area around Affinity Place. Several vehicles were stopped and the drivers were checked for impaired driving. No impaired driving charges were laid.