February 07, 2020

Police received a backpack that was turned in from an individual that located it in the Westview area of the city.  If anyone is missing the backpack and can identify it and contents please call the Estevan  Police Service.

Police received numerous calls and walk in reports in relation to the attempted Canada Revenue Agency scam/fraud.  The individual is either saying there is fraudulent charges on their accounts or requesting the Social Insurance Number.  Police remind the public not to share any personal information on the phone to unidentified callers.

Police attended to a commercial business alarm.  Police attended and learned a staff member set the alarm off by accident.

Police received a report of theft of a bike.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a parking complaint in relation to individuals picking up a and dropping off children at a local elementary school.  Police attended and had all the vehicles moved and further spoke to staff to relay to people to park, drop off and pick up in the designated zones.

Police received a request from Regina Police Service to assist them on an assault file from Regina.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police responded to a complaint of a suspicious vehicle.  A description of the vehicle and it’s last whereabouts were provided, however the vehicle was gone upon police arrival.

Police received information regarding an individual in breach of his undertaking.  As a result of investigation, a 28 year old Lampman man was arrested for breaching his curfew.  He has a court date set for March.

Police attended to a residence in the Pleasantdale area for a noise complaint.  The matter was unfounded.

A vehicle stop was conducted after police observed erratic driving.  The 26 year old driver failed a roadside screening test.  Further tests were made and as a result the male was charged for operating a conveyance while impaired/over .08.  He has a court date set for March.






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