February 11, 2020

Police arrested a 32 year old Estevan male for assault causing bodily harm. He is being held in custody to appear before a judge on Wednesday February 12. The matter remains under investigation and more charges are pending.

Police received a report of loud music in the southern portion of the city.  Police attended and warned the property owner under the bylaw.

Police received a report of a break and enter and theft from a garage.  The matter is still under investigation..

Police responded to a 2 vehicle collision on Kensington Ave. The collision was determined to be non-reportable and police assisted the motorists with exchange of information.

Police received an open line 911 call.  Police were able to determine the location and attended to speak with the individual involved.  No further action was required as the number was called by mistake.

Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle.  Police attended and weren’t able to locate the vehicle.

Police mediated a dispute during the night shift.  The individuals will be reaching out to community services and resources.

Police arrested a youth during the evening that was out past curfew.  The youth was charged for failing to comply with his release conditions and released to their parent.




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