February 12, 2021

EPS received a report of another CRA scam, but thankfully no information was provided. The public is again reminded to be mindful of these and other types of scams and under no circumstance provide any information. Legit organizations will not do business in this manner. After terminating the call with the scammer, an option is to verify the legitimacy of the call with the actual organization that they are attempting to identify themselves as. It is also beneficial to provide details of the scam to the Anti Fraud Call Centre. They can be reached at 1-888495-8501.

Members attempted a traffic stop in North East Estevan as a result of excessively high speeds. The driver of the vehicle refused to stop and fled as a result. The vehicle is described as a smaller dark colored 4 door car. If anyone has any information regarding this matter, please call the Estevan Police Service.

As a result of a traffic stop near the City, a 32 year old female from Estevan provided a sample of breath into an approved screening device with which resulted in a Warn for alcohol. She was issued a 21 day driving suspension and the vehicle she was operating was impounded for 30 days. She will also appear in Traffic court in May to answer to a charge of Driving while suspended under the Traffic Safety Act.



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