February 16, 2019 – Day Shift

Police stopped a vehicle in the Kensington Avenue area, after observing that the driver was failing to comply with the conditions of his Undertaking to a Judge. The 31 year old Frobisher male was arrested and lodged in cells, to be brought before a Justice of the Peace. As a result of the same traffic stop, the 20 year old female passenger was also arrested for failing to comply with an Undertaking and Failing to comply with a Probation Order. She was also lodged in cells to be brought before a Justice of the Peace.

Members responded to a complaint of a male panhandling in the Kensington and King Street area. The 34 year old from Alberta man was warned of the bylaw and sent on his way.

Officers received a driving complaint in the Wal-Mart area. The suspect vehicle was located a short time later and the matter still under investigation.

“A” Platoon

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