February 16, 2019 – Night Shift

Police received a report of some damage to the washrooms in the Curling Rink and the Leisure Center. Police are now investigating the incidents.

Police then received a call about a possible impaired driver. Police were able to locate the suspect vehicle and spoke with the driver. It was learned that the vehicle had a sober driver and no further action was required.

Police got a call from a local establishment that there were some patrons that tried to enter with ID that was not their own. The patrons then would not leave when requested so police were called. When police arrived on scene, it was learned that the people in question had left on their own.

Police performed a traffic stop to check on a drivers sobriety. Police learned that the driver had a novice license and also had consumed some alcohol. A road side screening device demand was made and a sample was taken. The driver subsequently blew a “warn” and was given a 60 day license suspension. The vehicle was also impounded for 3 days.

Police then located a youth outside an off-sale establishment. Police checked the youth and found that they were in possession of alcohol. The youth was then ticketed for having possession of alcohol and it was confiscated. The fine for youth possessing alcohol is $360.

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