February 16 , 2024

Members located and  stopped a vehicle after a call about a possible impaired driver.  The vehicle was located and the driver was found to be sober.

Police conducted a traffic stop Friday afternoon and issued a B.C. driver a 3 day drivers license suspension as well as a 3 day vehicle seizure after a oral fluid test was positive for drugs. Blood samples were taken which will be sent to the lab for testing.  The matter remains under investigation.

During the night shift on Friday police arrested a 17 year old Estevan female.  She will face charges of impaired driving and operating over .08 as a result of breath samples.  She was released to a sober person.

Police also stopped and arrested a 43 year old Estevan man for impaired driving.  The man had readings that were over 3 times the legal limit.  He was held in custody and released in the morning.

Police also attended to a residence on the south end of the city to a report of an unwanted guest.  He left without incident and was taken to stay with a family member.