February 18, 2021

Police responded to a report of suspicious activity around a local business.  Nothing was missing but their cameras picked up good images of the subject.  Police want to remind home owners and business owners to make sure their property is secured. This matter is still under investigation.

Police arrested a 29 year old Estevan man for possession of Meth and breaching conditions of his Release Order.  Police had attended the subject’s residence Thursday afternoon to see if he was complying with his court ordered conditions.  He will be remanded to appear in court on Monday morning.

Police are investigating a hit and run to a vehicle that was parked on the street near the corner of 14th Ave and 4th Street.  The matter remains under investigation.

Police witnessed a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of King Street and 13th Avenue.  Both vehicles were not able to be driven due the accident and were towed from the scene.  No injuries occurred but the individuals were shaken from the accident.  The driver of the one vehicle was charged with failing to yield right of way when turning left under the Traffic Safety Act.

Police attend to the hospital Emergency Department at the request of hospital staff.  An Arcola male attended in an intoxicated state and was unable to care for himself. He was arrested and lodged in police cells and will be released Friday morning when  sober.

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